Premiere – Broken The Movie

Morenike was constantly sexually abused by a family member since the age of 12, with incest being an abomination in her society, she keeps her pain quiet, all at the same time desperately striving to gain the love of her runaway father. But one day after her 17th birthday, Morenike strikes back. With years passing, we will only discover the damage done in Morenike raises its ugly head once again. How does she overcome the monster of her childhood? Find out in BROKEN.

Incest is a taboo in African culture, a topic that is hardly talked about, making it look as though it doesn’t happen. Yet a large number of people are victims. Broken The Movie explores this topic from the point of view of a victim. Broken is coming to cinema in London on October 21st, 2017.



Manchester at
Showcasecinema. Hyde road
Sat. 30/9/17 @ 5pm

For tickets contact
+44 7443 927654

Also available on Eventbrite


Cineworld cinema
Hertsmere road. Carnary Wharf
Sat. 21/10/17 @ 6pm

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